Saturday, September 8, 2012


In a world of cloak and dagger politics, we must always be aware of the intentions that govern what is being done.

All decisions of human beings are under the control of their passions.  Many of those passions are worldly, but they all are curved according to the moral ideals of that person. 

LOYALTIES are also things to consider.  None of this we can really know unless we investigate, or pay close attention to what people say.  Especially the slips of the tongue.

It seems that the ILA: International Longshoreman's Association may go on strike soon.  Why?  The dispute is that the businesses want to pay less, while the ILA just want to at least keep the same contract they currently have.

It will be interesting how the election will affect this, and also how the media and interest groups will point fingers.

The Unions are mostly Dems. & the business owners are mostly Republican.  Many feel the shipping businesses are hoping Romney wins because he will look the other way.  Hmmm.

In all the smoke and mirrors of politics, keep in mind what is really pulling the strings of decision.