Saturday, August 13, 2011

Music IS Service

I sat down yesterday with a good friend Russel Guess (@GuessV) at his studio and we discussed things about music and the music business whils listening to tracks and inspirations for future tracks.  He's a producer.  He made a profound statement in regards to his spiritual walk as it relates to music.  That music is service.

Think about it.  Everyone has had a moment where they have heard a song that has touch them, pulled on their emotions (why do you think they use soundtracks on movies?) or taken you back down memory lane.  A painter told Russel that he felt music was the most powerful artform because it pulls you in even before you understand the words, often leading to situations where you have to pause and truthfully evaluate "what it this that I listening to?"  Everyone has their song, jam or jawn.  I am sure even God has a few songs that He enjoys.

It has been said that you can rightly judge a culture by the music they listen to.  Perhaps there is some music you create or have heard that could change someones life.  So consider the powerful effect of music on a soul, and see how you may use it to be of service to others and connect in meaningful ways.