Saturday, January 21, 2012


Just inches from their own 10 yard line, there seems to be an argument in the huddle.  It appears the quaterback and center are at odds with the rest of the players.  No one else knows what is really going on, but the huddle breaks and the offense slugishly walks up to the football.   Some are nearly a yard from the line of scrimage as they get set, others stand at the scrimage nonchalantly.  The recievers are just as scatter brained, one is even flirting with the cheerleaders. 

Only the center seems to be the most focused besides the quaterback.  Determined, the QB sets behind the center: "DOWN...SET...!"

Understanding the defense's set up, the QB calls and audible. "John 832, John 832."  One of the recievers sees the wisdom of the call and an opportunity to shine, so he stops looking at the crowd and trotts down to the amended position. 


The center hikes the ball and launches out like a rocket, but is overpowered by two linemen and a back.  The blitzes the QB as the offensive line barely touches the opposing team, a few just hit the ground face down.  The defense closes in on the QB, it seems helpless.  Then the unthinkable happens.

One of the offensive running backs grabs the QB's feet and the entire defensive line collapes on top of them both as the crash of helmets can be heard in the nose bleeds.

The crowd gasps, not because of the impact, but because somehow a perfect pass was caught by one of the wide recievers.  He heads for the endzone shifting into fifth gear.

He's at the fourty, the thirty.  The safety is heading swiftly to cut him off.  There is a collosion, on of the tight ends smashes the safety from a blind angle at the twenty, the crowd reacts in unison.  The reciever gets to the ten and starts pointing to the crowd, high stepping for the onlookers.

Then he is suddenly hit from behind, by one of his fellow recievers and tumbles down at the four yard line.  No score.

This seems all out of line and makes no sense, but we treat Jesus, our QUARTERBACK in the same manner more often than we think.  Yet somehow we are still going to win the Super Bowl.